Nicola Sturgeon has announced a “Red Alert” warning to voters after a poll predicted Conservative Party gains in Scotland.

The Tories currently only have one Scottish MP – David Mundell – but a poll commissioned by The Sunday Times Scotland suggested they might win as many as 12 seats, giving them their strongest performance in Scotland since the 1970s.

Heavy Price To Pay

While the validity of such a poll in a Conservative supporting newspaper could be called into question, Sturgeon felt the need to respond with a clear message:

The more Tory MPs there are, the heavier the price Scotland will pay

They’re already cutting nearly £3 billion from the Scottish budget. They’re hitting family incomes hard by cutting and removing child tax credits. They want to remove Scotland from the European Single Market – which will cost thousands of jobs.

Angus Robertson, Depute Leader and MP for Moray, added weight to the position offering criticism on the abhorrent amendment to Universal Credit known as the “rape-clause”

Unfortunately the Tories in Scotland have been running away from [this] ever since it was passed. The SNP’s position is that we support its repeal at Westminster, and if ever we wanted a timely reminder that the Tories are the nasty party it is this.

The Panelbase survey shows 33% backing the Conservatives, a significant rise from when they only took 15% of the actual vote in 2015 election. The poll shows the SNP down just 3% from 47% but the message to Scots voters is there’s no room for apathy or complacency.

[Source: The National]